Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rough Day

Saturday started out perfect. We were going to spend the day with Great Grandma, go out to eat, and shopping. I even got to get ready all by myself that morning thanks to my wonderful husband. I took my time and felt great! On the way to Grandma's House I glanced in my rear view mirror and smiled at my kids. Meri was staring out the window with her first two fingers hanging on her pucker. Bry was playing his DS as happy as can be.
We arrived and headed inside for a few minutes before we left for lunch. Meri asked for a cookie like she always does and Bry eyed Grandma's rolling sit/stand walker. He was pushing Meri around, I had just said "Bry if you want to push her you must go slow or she could tip over. Next thing I new he pushed fast and let go, she crashed into an all wood rocker. I was steps away and lifted him out of the way, when I picked her up I said "Grandma, lots of blood!" Now if you know me, you know that I tend to panic, especially when one of my babies get hurt. I knew it was bad, blood was everywhere, and I could see through her lip.
It looks small. But when she cries it gapes open and you can see her gums. Of course I was comforting her when she was crying, so I didn't get a picture. I call my husband and headed to the ER. I was crying just as much as she was. Bry was crying because he didn't mean to hurt her. And Grandma was trying to calm everyone. All the crying caused it to tear more. By the time we got to the hospital it went all the way to the bottom of her lip. We pieced together all that had happened and realized it was the rocking chair that had gone through her lip and busted the top lip as well.

As much blood as there was and as big as the whole was, the ER wasted no time and had us right into the laceration room. The doctor came in and ordered sedation for Meri. I was informed that once the shot was given it would take 30 minutes to take effect. I was comforting my crying baby and within 60 seconds she went from crying to stoned faced, blank, noiseless breathing, drooling. I honestly thought something was really wrong, I thought she was dying, she just lay with her eyes partially open and motionless. The nurse called the doctor (who thought he had 30 minutes) and things started happening really fast. I stood at the edge of the bed rubbing her hair the whole time and knowing she could hear me, I talked to her the whole time. My biggest concern was that the shot impaired her ability to display emotion and that she could feel it all but couldn't tell us. As he got to the inside of her lip she began making sounds 'uhhhh'. It just killed me. I'm almost positive that she felt the last three stitches. After 8 stitches total in my little 26 lb, 2 year old girl.

Here she is after her procedure. I changed her diaper and her clothes, the nurse and I wrapped her in warm blankets since she was shaking cold coming out of anesthesia.

And she settled down for a nap after all that trauma while still hooked to monitors to watch her heart rate and pulse-ox. The doctor checked on her and told the nurse that the band aide wasn't appropriate for her chin, so now she dones tape and gauze with medicine.

She's resting now and it seems that she may sleep through the night tonight. All of this is a small drop in the bucket compared the grand scheme. But I'm thankful for praying and answered prayer. Not to mention, my incredible Grandma, wonderful Husband, and great friend for coming to get my son.

Friday the stitches will come out!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Time

Birthday Celebrating!

Me, 30!

Bry, 6!

Creative Movement Dance Class Dancing!

Baseball watching!

Pony Tail wearing (1st time)

Summer Time