Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Rocker

I received a very nice gift last Wednesday from a sweet friend. Although my sweet friend purchased the wonderful gift nearly 3 months ago. So, all those clothes were definitely to small for my little M. So, I returned the clothes and got this little rocker on Monday. It has adorable little elephants that she loves to swat. 2 features allow her to recline or rock. And this will grow with her into toddler hood (which means it's not likely my B-man will break it)
Notice the rolls on her leggies. She is really growing into herself. The past 2 days she has been a little fussy unless she is nursing. She is happy when she is latched on to my God given 'bottles' (thanks for the term brooke:). And for all you mothers who have ever nursed a baby, this means when her spurt is over my 'bottles' will HURT! But, how thankful I am every second for my babies. I'll do anything for them.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Up to Bat

T-ball season is in full gear! My husband is the coach (not sure how that happened) and we have had our first game. It's great. Bryston is a great little hitter and runner. When he's on the field, well, that's another story. He's super smart though! He figured out how to have 3 shovels! 1. his glove 2. his ball cap 3. his helmet. Is that the sign a future pro or what? Ha Ha. My brother and sis-in-law would pay their son $5 dollars for every home run when he was young. Now, he is a 9 year old all star. No more $5 for him, they would be broke!
Bry is playing 3rd base. But we are thinking of moving him to some place with more action, he gets bored very easily.
Isn't this a great picture! Our little guy deep in thought. Definitely one to be blown up.

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Love Like No Other

(Now, a rambunctious 3 year old)
I'm one of those anxiety ridden people. I rarely watch the news or read sad things. But I ran across something today, I was led to it. I hope you are too.

Baby Kayleigh was born 3 month premature weighing 1lb 1oz and only 10 1/2 inches long. She has been fighting for her life for 10 months. The doctors believe that after her last surgery she is now brain dead. (I know, really sad) With 2 kids at home and the ups and downs of NICU life, the financial part of their life doesn't need to be a concern. Friends of theirs are asking for your help.

This is VERY dear to me and Jason. Three years ten months ago our little boy was born 2 months early at UAMS. He was a whopping 4 lbs 5 oz (for a preemie that is whopping) but his little body was just not ready. Jason and I watch 2 and 3lb babies go home before ours. The life of a NICU baby is horrid and scary. Just when you think things are great and you'll get to go home soon, something will happen. Fast breathing, distended belly, infection, resistance to nourishment, blood transfusions, PIC lines, antibiotics..... After 32 days in NICU our little boy got to come home. Baby Kayleigh may not. Read the link to the right marked Kayleigh.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

She Finally Likes her Bath

Oh yes! She finally likes her bath! I love it. I love it for a selfish reason. I get to shower without a screaming baby. Each night at 8:30 I start the bath and get everything ready so that all I have to do is focus on her.
She loves having water poured over her. We couldn't catch a smile but she does a lot of it.

I love this little girl so much! Every second of every day I thank God for both of my beautiful children. Even when they are both crying (that's interesting) I thank God.
Have you thanked God today?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Something Funny and Thought for the day...

I have this phobia, the OCD part of me does not want anything that isn't clean on the sheets of my bed. My husband may not come to bed until he has showered and my son may not lay on my bath if he has been outside and hasn't had a bath yet. I know, a little strange. So, my son and I were getting ready for the park today and here is what happened; I was putting my make up on and Bryston puts his new but have been worn shoes on my BED, that has yet to be made!
Me: Bryston get your shoes off my bed! What were you thinking!!!!!!!
Bryston: Mom, Moooom, I wasn't thinking.
(Point made)

Bryston has been carrying this red dodge ball around every time we go outside or to the park. (Remember the kind we used to play dodge ball with in school, back when we had 3 recesses and classes would play against other classes, ahhh, those were the days) Anyway, he was carrying his ball and playing with it at Creekmore today. And my outgoing little boy asks this cute kid (who is walking the perimeter of the the play area, and THAT is all he is doing) "want to play catch with me" (holding up his prized ball) the child says "no, I don't like balls" Ha Ha! My poor son looked like he had just seen an alien. I know he was thinking 'Who doesn't like balls!' Guess we can mark that kid off our friend list.

Before church tonight:
After I had both kids all dressed, I put Meredith in her car seat that is tucked safely in her Pack-n-Play and preceded to touch up my make-up. Bryston said "I'll buckle her in Mommy". I thought, 'No, he wouldn't' at the same time I said "I'll do it in just a minute". I come out of my room and................................She was buckled safely in her car seat! All I can say is God is watching out for me and my children. It's amazing that she didn't get any skin snapped in the buckle. Never again will I think 'Surely he won't do that!' because YES, he will!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Little Escapee

This morning I was laying in my bed, sleeping lightly, and enjoying the morning. Bryston is so wonderful in the mornings, he gets up and plays in his room or the living room until mommy wakes up about 8 or 9 with his Sissy. As I lay this morning I hear a 'click', hmm, I think, "Did I hear the the door?" I layed there and thought that I must have been dreaming but then I heard it again. I jumped up immediately and there my son was, coming back in from outside! I asked him if he was outside and of course he said "no". I sent him straight to his room and went outside. I asked the neighbor who always sits outside if he saw him and he said no. I think maybe he just started to go outside or opened the door but did not go outside. When I went to talk to Bryston and explained to him that it's very dangerous for him to go outside by himself and told him. "Honey, someone could take you (tears in my eyes) and you would never see mommy, daddy, or sissy again (I'm now sobbing)." he tells me "Mommy its okay, I'm sorry" I keep tell him "it's not okay, he would be gone forever (it may seem harsh but I really want him to understand) he tells me that "no, you could find me at the hospital". Finally, I got through to him and he began crying that he doesn't want to leave us. I pray that this NEVER happens again.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Here he comes.....

Do you or have you ever had a dog? Have you ever tried to sneak a snack with a dog in the house? Close your eyes and picture this scenario:
Your tummy rumbles and you remember that while cleaning the bathrooms, doing the laundry, ironing, fixing lunch for your son and feeding your daughter, YOU forgot to feed yourself! Here's where your life has gone to the dogs. Ha ha! If you open the fridge, the chips, the chocolate and you make a noise, your son will come running around the corner. (His ears are fine tuned to any noise that cues feeding time) And as a mom, you are abliged to share anything that you plan on eating if your child hears you.
I used to have a dog named Holly and she was the exact same as my son is now. But I could ignore a dog. I can't ignore my son, even if I pretend he's not there while I shove nourisment into my mouth.
It doesn't matter where in the house he is he will hear! But some how, against all odds, I got a snack. Look what I did!

While Bryston was playing trains in his bedroom I had a visit with Russell!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

If at first you don't...

I'm super itchy and am patiently waiting on my husband to bring on the Benadryl. As I am also deep in thought, being that it is night when I should be sleeping. So, off to the computer to blog away... This picture posted above is merely for me, so that I can focus on the prize..:)
Have I mentioned this new life of mine? Work-at-home-mom. I love it, it is wonderful. But the pay is well....a big fat ZERO, monetary of course. The pay in rewards is overflowing. Here's the thing, I've been working since I was 14 years old. Yes, 14. So, not having a job that brings home any income is quite perplexing. Going back to my past profession is not an option for me or my husband. We both agree that having our children in daycare is not option. (More about that in another blog I'm sure) I have not sent in an official resignation letter, not sure why, need to put that on my to-do list.
(still focusing on the prize)
I've been doing some research on supplementing our income. I have some limits though. I'm not, I repeat NOT going to sell a product. No make-up, tupperware (do they do that anymore?) pampered chef, creative memories, avon, .... I'm not exactly a shy person but having to sell something to my friends and family OR have parties; it's just not my thing. Its works for some people but not for me. So her it goes...
Objective: To work at home 2 to 3 hours (during nap time) and supplement our monthly income by completing tasks assigned with accuracy (even if I have to type one handed while feeding my daughter) to better your business.
Well, any ideas? I still don't have any Benadryl and my mind is racing so, I may post again.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Two Posts in One Day

Right now, I'm doing exactly what my husband doesn't want me to do (sitting on the couch with the computer) but what my doctor wants me to do (sitting on the couch with the computer and an ice pack on my back). Okay, maybe not with the computer! It seems like the later it gets, the more thoughts run through my mind, the less sleep I get. So, I'm trying something new, since I did rename this 'Raina's Retreat' I'm going to try and clear my mind. If it actually gets read than GREAT! Here it goes...
In this picture I am sitting with my good friend Carrie from church. Our babies are about a week apart. Aren't they cute!

Tonight I'm trying a new bedtime routine with my daughter. In the past I would start bathtime around 9:00 after my son was in bed. She would sit in her bouncey while I shower and then she would get bathed, oiled, teeth brushed (gums), suctioned, fed, swaddled, and then put to bed. Now, I'm giving her a bath in her own little bath tub at 8:30, so, she was asleep by 9:00 with minimal fussing. Woo Hoo!
I'm learning that getting a rountine down with your second child is much more challenging. With my son it seemed so much easier. It came naturally and I might add, uninterrupted. ha! He would be in bed by 7 every night, of course we were getting up at 5 a.m.
And house work! Wow, it never ends! I mean, I knew that it was a lot to do and I was never caught up when I was working, except, on occasion when we would go out to eat and the kitchen would stay clean for more than one day. But now, it seems like I'm doing laundry ALL the time. I never have time to fold it, so, it sits in a chair until I can get to it or we rummage threw it for what we need. It's not all that bad, I think I'm just becoming more of a perfectionist. I normally sit on the floor and fold laundry when everyone is in bed but since my back is that of an 80 year old, it's out of the question. LOL. But how thankful I am for this opportunity. I get to watch my kiddos grown and laugh. Just today I took Bry and Meri out for a bit. We went by my old school and saw some friends, then to Walmart for some picture development and of course the toy isle. I had so much fun letting him press all the buttons of the toys and when it was time to go, he said "okay mommy". Perfect! We came home, made lunch, and then I put them both down for a nap. Now, if I could just figure out how to recreat the angel that he is for his daddy. The second Jason walks in he starts to show out and act out. No listening, no listening, and back talking. Why in the world! Any advice?

3 Month Memories and Easter Chaos

Welcome to my new and improved site! Renamed "Raina's Retreat" for it's theroputic nature. Join me on my journey as a new 'Work-at-home-mom'
Meredith Grace is 3 1/2 months! This picture is from her 3 month birthday, I just love this purple dress that I chose for her before she was born. I'm a huge fan of Kelly's Korner and I read today her 3 month reflections. That made me think; What a great idea!. So here I am, while my children sleep thinking about the past 3 months. Seems like yesterday she was born.
So, Meredith, what are you up to these days?
  • You love your brother and cry if he is gone for to long, but perk right back up when you see him.
  • You are finally out of your screaming stage and mommy is able to get things done while your enjoy your swing and your brother's cartoons.
  • You love your bedtime routine and begin to fuss at 9 on the dot if I haven't started it.
  • Bath time is getting better as long as I take a bath with you. (I just love watching your face as you get all clean)
  • You are now sleeping in your bassinet (rather than carseat) in mommy and daddy's room. Daddy has learned to sleep through your nightly feedings.
  • You go to sleep by 9:30 to 10:00 every night and sleep until 8:30. Waking only to eat at 3:30 and 6:30 (unless daddy's pager goes off, then we are ALL awake)
  • Mommy loves to buy you bows and headbands but your little head is still too small for most of them.
  • You love to go to the park and are not at all bothered by the ducks that inspect you.
  • You are very tolerant of mommy dressing you in your pretty bracelets and wear them all day.
  • You need your nose suctioned every night before you go to bed and you HATE it with a passion, but with our new battery operated aspirator it's over a lot faster than it used to be.
  • You have discovered your buggy mobile that has gone through all the grandkids and will cry when the music stops.
  • You really love your pacifier and fist (which you suck very vigorously)
  • Your such a blessing you brother, mommy, and daddy.
  • Emmy and Aunt Sarah are just crazy over you.
  • You made it through your first church service on Easter with only one cry (during the Lord's Supper of course)

(Emmy and Papa with all their Grandkids)
(Bryston and Meredith are in gray and pink)
(Whitney Kate with the Easter Basket and Matthew and Heath at the end)
Easter was so much fun! We started the day in pouring rain on our way to church. Jason said "you know if it weren't Easter we wouldn't be going today". That got me to thinking about how the Devil creeps his way into our lives on even the most important day of the year. I'm so thankful we went.
We had "Emmy's Easter Party" (that's what Whitney Kate called it) after church. My in-laws had prepared for the rainy day and created a wonderful egg hunt for each kid and at the end of the hunt they found their Easter Bag. We ate and ate all day long. The house was filled with with lots of fun and noise. It used to be my two nephews that caused so much laughter and noise, now, it's my son that causes the majority of the noise:) Ha. Bryston and Whitney Kate have a special bond and love to get into mischief.
If you'll notice my kiddos Easter outfits. At the last minute I changed my mind and went shopping the night before Easter for new outfits, needless to say I was up late and early to get them washed and ironed.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fear of the Medical Community

I'm going to be completely honest and get my fears off my chest. It may upset some people, but hey, I only have 4 followers so, not too many.

I have an unhealthy fear. For the most part, I do not trust the medical community. As a baby, Bryston, was in the NICU for 32 days. He was treated well by the doctors but I nearly had it out with a couple of nurses. It went so far that the Head Nurse came to talk to me. Even a doctor had a nurse written up over her comments and actions regarding my son. It was their at the hospital that I began to learn that I am in charge of protecting my child, it was/is MY job to ask questions and be my baby's voice. So, when one nurse told me she was going to keep 2 IV's in my son after he received his pic line, I told her to take the one in his arm out. "Oh no!" she said. We don't want to lose a good IV. "Then what was the point in going through the pain of having a pic line? Take it out" She took it out after the Head Nurse told her too, but she did it in the most horrible, painful way possible. Also, Bryston was on Reglan and this reflux medicine had to be given very carefully or it could and would take his breath away. Well, one nurse decided she was going to give how SHE chose rather than follow the doctor's written orders. So, as I was telling her not to give it to him in the tip of a bottle nipple and she was doing it, then she walked away. My son stopped breathing as she rounded the corner. YES, I said STOPPED breathing. I'm frantically trying to decide whether I should scream for help (monitors are going off and no one is coming) or run. I had my hands on him trying to stimulate him to breath, so, I ran and yelled for help. Next thing I know my son is surrounded as they were trying to stop/revive him before it's too late! Thankfully, he was fine after a couple of minutes. My distrust escalated here. It started with a crappy OB/GYN who did not believe I was in labor despite everything. He FINALLY took me seriously when my water broke at the last day of my 29th week.

Then after all that, I came home to VACCINATIONS! I was terrified. Bryston was vaccinated until he was nearly one. At his year check-up, I learned that I had a choice as to whether he was vaccinated. I talked it over with my pediatrician and he agreed that with my son's weight and history the year vaccinations should be put off.

Now, I have my baby girl. I'm scared to death to have her vaccinated. She was given a modified amount and schedule that the doctor and I both agreed on and I cried through the entire thing. We have a new pediatrician now, since, my last pediatrician made mistakes that landed my son on an ambulance after missing RSV. My new pediatrician in GREAT but he is Pro Vaccinations. Either way, to vaccinate or not vaccinate? I'm terrified. The Bible says "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God" Phillipians 4:6 This I have done but the anxious feeling doesn't go away. I pray and pray but.... the fear is still there. I couldn't live with myself if my child was harmed because of a decision that I made. The doctor said that the liklihood that something would happen to her from a vaccination was very little, that I had more of a chance of getting in a wreck on the way home. My feeling, a wreck would not be my fault but someone elses. It was ultimately my decision to vaccinate. Out of all the people I know personally only one has been affected with autism. Autism is not my biggest worry though. It's death....

Friday, April 10, 2009

Welcome Back Internet

Thank the Lord, I have internet back. Crazy to thank God for that, I know. Since, I am a "work-at-home-mom" now, I am trying to find creative ways to save money. Jason figured out a way to save us 70 dollars a month on our internet service, just by cutting off the land line that we never use. The day we got the land line we started receiving sales call after sales call. So, I mostly keep it unplugged. LOL Now that internet is back I have had fun catching up on the blogs I read. I'm so happy for the SCARLOTTES and their new addition, The Rodger's Family and Korben on the road to recovery after several tummy bugs, and of course Kelly's Korner. My next venture is to check out LeAnne's photography blog, so excited. I'm a closet photographer, Ha! (aka. wannabe)
Meredith is 3 1/2 months old and finally sleeping in her bassinet in our room. She slept in her carseat for the longest time because she would choke (turning blue choking) if she laid down to flat. I'm back in our bed, thank you JESUS. I had to go back to our bed because I have 6 pinched nerves in my back. I ended up going to Dr. M. Seubold and having been seeing him 4 to 3 times a week. There for a while it was so bad that I COULDN'T pick up my baby girl. That is when I said "This is enough, take me to the dr!" I used to be double covered on insurance but now I'm not, so, I really try not to go to the doctor.
Lots of pics and adventures to come.....