Thursday, April 16, 2009

Two Posts in One Day

Right now, I'm doing exactly what my husband doesn't want me to do (sitting on the couch with the computer) but what my doctor wants me to do (sitting on the couch with the computer and an ice pack on my back). Okay, maybe not with the computer! It seems like the later it gets, the more thoughts run through my mind, the less sleep I get. So, I'm trying something new, since I did rename this 'Raina's Retreat' I'm going to try and clear my mind. If it actually gets read than GREAT! Here it goes...
In this picture I am sitting with my good friend Carrie from church. Our babies are about a week apart. Aren't they cute!

Tonight I'm trying a new bedtime routine with my daughter. In the past I would start bathtime around 9:00 after my son was in bed. She would sit in her bouncey while I shower and then she would get bathed, oiled, teeth brushed (gums), suctioned, fed, swaddled, and then put to bed. Now, I'm giving her a bath in her own little bath tub at 8:30, so, she was asleep by 9:00 with minimal fussing. Woo Hoo!
I'm learning that getting a rountine down with your second child is much more challenging. With my son it seemed so much easier. It came naturally and I might add, uninterrupted. ha! He would be in bed by 7 every night, of course we were getting up at 5 a.m.
And house work! Wow, it never ends! I mean, I knew that it was a lot to do and I was never caught up when I was working, except, on occasion when we would go out to eat and the kitchen would stay clean for more than one day. But now, it seems like I'm doing laundry ALL the time. I never have time to fold it, so, it sits in a chair until I can get to it or we rummage threw it for what we need. It's not all that bad, I think I'm just becoming more of a perfectionist. I normally sit on the floor and fold laundry when everyone is in bed but since my back is that of an 80 year old, it's out of the question. LOL. But how thankful I am for this opportunity. I get to watch my kiddos grown and laugh. Just today I took Bry and Meri out for a bit. We went by my old school and saw some friends, then to Walmart for some picture development and of course the toy isle. I had so much fun letting him press all the buttons of the toys and when it was time to go, he said "okay mommy". Perfect! We came home, made lunch, and then I put them both down for a nap. Now, if I could just figure out how to recreat the angel that he is for his daddy. The second Jason walks in he starts to show out and act out. No listening, no listening, and back talking. Why in the world! Any advice?

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