Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Something Funny and Thought for the day...

I have this phobia, the OCD part of me does not want anything that isn't clean on the sheets of my bed. My husband may not come to bed until he has showered and my son may not lay on my bath if he has been outside and hasn't had a bath yet. I know, a little strange. So, my son and I were getting ready for the park today and here is what happened; I was putting my make up on and Bryston puts his new but have been worn shoes on my BED, that has yet to be made!
Me: Bryston get your shoes off my bed! What were you thinking!!!!!!!
Bryston: Mom, Moooom, I wasn't thinking.
(Point made)

Bryston has been carrying this red dodge ball around every time we go outside or to the park. (Remember the kind we used to play dodge ball with in school, back when we had 3 recesses and classes would play against other classes, ahhh, those were the days) Anyway, he was carrying his ball and playing with it at Creekmore today. And my outgoing little boy asks this cute kid (who is walking the perimeter of the the play area, and THAT is all he is doing) "want to play catch with me" (holding up his prized ball) the child says "no, I don't like balls" Ha Ha! My poor son looked like he had just seen an alien. I know he was thinking 'Who doesn't like balls!' Guess we can mark that kid off our friend list.

Before church tonight:
After I had both kids all dressed, I put Meredith in her car seat that is tucked safely in her Pack-n-Play and preceded to touch up my make-up. Bryston said "I'll buckle her in Mommy". I thought, 'No, he wouldn't' at the same time I said "I'll do it in just a minute". I come out of my room and................................She was buckled safely in her car seat! All I can say is God is watching out for me and my children. It's amazing that she didn't get any skin snapped in the buckle. Never again will I think 'Surely he won't do that!' because YES, he will!

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