Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Little Escapee

This morning I was laying in my bed, sleeping lightly, and enjoying the morning. Bryston is so wonderful in the mornings, he gets up and plays in his room or the living room until mommy wakes up about 8 or 9 with his Sissy. As I lay this morning I hear a 'click', hmm, I think, "Did I hear the the door?" I layed there and thought that I must have been dreaming but then I heard it again. I jumped up immediately and there my son was, coming back in from outside! I asked him if he was outside and of course he said "no". I sent him straight to his room and went outside. I asked the neighbor who always sits outside if he saw him and he said no. I think maybe he just started to go outside or opened the door but did not go outside. When I went to talk to Bryston and explained to him that it's very dangerous for him to go outside by himself and told him. "Honey, someone could take you (tears in my eyes) and you would never see mommy, daddy, or sissy again (I'm now sobbing)." he tells me "Mommy its okay, I'm sorry" I keep tell him "it's not okay, he would be gone forever (it may seem harsh but I really want him to understand) he tells me that "no, you could find me at the hospital". Finally, I got through to him and he began crying that he doesn't want to leave us. I pray that this NEVER happens again.

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