Saturday, June 19, 2010

Never try to HIDE a cookie

My daughter and I took our first Happy Hour Sonic run today! B-man decided he would rather stay home and play DS while watching Toy Story. Of course, I offered to get him something but he just said "Apple Juice please" So, I poured him juice and added a chocolate chip cookie to sweeten the deal. I told him where his juice was and about the cookie (I hid one freshly backed cookie so my daughter could have one as well).
Off we went to Sonic. I wish I had pictures but my camera is on the fritz probably due to being handled by underage users (my kids). My daughter thinks she is such a big girl because Mommy ordered her a drink all to herself. (Water of course, no sugar drinks for a 17 month old) The little child size water is so big compared to my 20 pound daughter!
When we got home she stood so proud with her drink. Of course she wants to carry the now nearly empty Sonic cup complete with straw all around the house. DANGER. No straw injuries please. (When B-man had his eye surgery I remember seeing another child who had surgery due to a PEN going through his eye, just carrying it around and one little fall)
Also! Hidden cookie was FOUND! By my son who says "I'm not sorry I ate it, it's in my tummy and it was good" My fault, I wasn't clear in my instructions. I should have said "You may have the ONE cookie I sat out for you, the other HIDDEN one is NOT for you, it's for your sister! Lesson Learned.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Of course I start blogging and my daughter wakes up from her nap. So I will make this quick. Little M has the cutest curly hair. She can wear pigtails now, although she's not a fan of sitting for me to do it. But she does demand a bow! I'm not kidding! She will go and get a bow or stand next to one of her bow holders and point.
Also, post flood, I have dug deep and decided to be creative (which of course means to steal my friend's great ideas). I recently completed Little M's name to go in her room. And I've also finished the rest of the decorating. Yes, my daughter is 17 months old and her 'nursery' is just now to the point that I am completely satisfied. I tried really hard to get it done before she was born, but try as I might the 'honey-do-list' did not get completed until I could do it myself. It's so hard to get the unwilling to become willing when it comes to a 'bossy' pregnant woman who is already panicked because she KNOWS the baby is going to come early. But I survived and now it is complete:) That makes me smile.
We have been super SUPER busy this week full of lots of fun at VBS! I love it!
Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not Much

Not much or maybe too much has been going on these days. My computer is not wanting to load pics, so sorry for the lack there of.
In Short.
B-man has been signed up for kindergarten. Not sure how I feel about that. I considered homeschooling, but I know he is ready for school.
Little M is doing wonderfully. She is so incredibly girly! From her squeals to her purse carrying, she is a girly girl. She is 'talking' so much lately. And all of her black straight hair from birth has been replaced with golden brown curls, which compliment her very dark brown eyes. Little M has attendency to run high fevers when she is sick. So, we battled that for about 4 days, it was thought to be pneumonia but turned out to be Rosiola, a fever virus that is known for extremely high temps. At one point she was up to 105.5. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep.
I had surgery. Dr. Laws in an incredible doctor and gives his patients the best care. Turned out I had scar tissue that grew over my bladder and uterus (I didn't know that was possible) so that all had to be removed. With that came some other issues that I may blog about later. I don't have a huge fan base, but I'm still processing what happened and may blog later for my on therapeutic reasons. Mostly, I will listen to God and if I feel led to share I will know it is because He wants me to.
Good Night for Now!