Saturday, June 19, 2010

Never try to HIDE a cookie

My daughter and I took our first Happy Hour Sonic run today! B-man decided he would rather stay home and play DS while watching Toy Story. Of course, I offered to get him something but he just said "Apple Juice please" So, I poured him juice and added a chocolate chip cookie to sweeten the deal. I told him where his juice was and about the cookie (I hid one freshly backed cookie so my daughter could have one as well).
Off we went to Sonic. I wish I had pictures but my camera is on the fritz probably due to being handled by underage users (my kids). My daughter thinks she is such a big girl because Mommy ordered her a drink all to herself. (Water of course, no sugar drinks for a 17 month old) The little child size water is so big compared to my 20 pound daughter!
When we got home she stood so proud with her drink. Of course she wants to carry the now nearly empty Sonic cup complete with straw all around the house. DANGER. No straw injuries please. (When B-man had his eye surgery I remember seeing another child who had surgery due to a PEN going through his eye, just carrying it around and one little fall)
Also! Hidden cookie was FOUND! By my son who says "I'm not sorry I ate it, it's in my tummy and it was good" My fault, I wasn't clear in my instructions. I should have said "You may have the ONE cookie I sat out for you, the other HIDDEN one is NOT for you, it's for your sister! Lesson Learned.

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