Monday, April 20, 2009

Here he comes.....

Do you or have you ever had a dog? Have you ever tried to sneak a snack with a dog in the house? Close your eyes and picture this scenario:
Your tummy rumbles and you remember that while cleaning the bathrooms, doing the laundry, ironing, fixing lunch for your son and feeding your daughter, YOU forgot to feed yourself! Here's where your life has gone to the dogs. Ha ha! If you open the fridge, the chips, the chocolate and you make a noise, your son will come running around the corner. (His ears are fine tuned to any noise that cues feeding time) And as a mom, you are abliged to share anything that you plan on eating if your child hears you.
I used to have a dog named Holly and she was the exact same as my son is now. But I could ignore a dog. I can't ignore my son, even if I pretend he's not there while I shove nourisment into my mouth.
It doesn't matter where in the house he is he will hear! But some how, against all odds, I got a snack. Look what I did!

While Bryston was playing trains in his bedroom I had a visit with Russell!

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