Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Rocker

I received a very nice gift last Wednesday from a sweet friend. Although my sweet friend purchased the wonderful gift nearly 3 months ago. So, all those clothes were definitely to small for my little M. So, I returned the clothes and got this little rocker on Monday. It has adorable little elephants that she loves to swat. 2 features allow her to recline or rock. And this will grow with her into toddler hood (which means it's not likely my B-man will break it)
Notice the rolls on her leggies. She is really growing into herself. The past 2 days she has been a little fussy unless she is nursing. She is happy when she is latched on to my God given 'bottles' (thanks for the term brooke:). And for all you mothers who have ever nursed a baby, this means when her spurt is over my 'bottles' will HURT! But, how thankful I am every second for my babies. I'll do anything for them.

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