Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Down Right Ugly

My best friend (bff) and Little M in the hospital.

Here is my little girls first captured smile. Little M is almost 4 months old. I'll be adding four month memories soon.

Tonight I was sitting in my leather recliner that does not work and thinking. . . about the blessings and curses of pregnancy and it's after effects on one's body. Things that your mother and best friend forgot to tell you.

For instance, when your breastfeeding, your whole schedule revolves around your boobs. Yes, I said boobs! For the rest of this blog I'll refer to them as 'bottles'. My whole way of planning outings has changed. If I'm going out with just me and Little M then it's pretty easy. But when I take B-man with me, well, that's a whole other story. Dressing rooms are no longer for trying on clothes, this is where I sneak off to feed Little M. I've even been known to sit on a toilet (fully clothed) to feed her. If I'm desperate and can't get out of public I WILL feed her. She comes first and I'm willing to do whatever to provide her nourishment. So far I have not had to do this.

Next, which also goes back to breastfeeding. NO PERIODS! Nope, I haven't had one of those in 3 months. I've only had the after pregnancy FUN stuff (which no one warned me about either, after the birth of my first baby I called my best friend because I thought I was dying). I know, what your thinking, especially if your haven't nursed long term 'Is she pregnant'? NO, I'm not. Apparently I may not have a period for 18 months. But I do cramp once a month and my whole body aches right down to my joints. Which is what I'm going through now.

Also, your back will NEVER be the same again after back labor. I'm sure that is why I have 10 pinched nerves, slip disc, and curvature of the spine (the latter probably took place as I was growing)

HAIR: where it should and shouldn't be. It should NOT be in my bathtub drain! My hair is falling out! It's everywhere. Worse than a shedding dog. I can't keep it from going down the drain because even though I know it's there, I can't see it to stop it being that I'm blind without glasses. I pull it off my Little M all the time. So, if you see me with a pony tail, that is why, because it's falling out. (another thing I called my best friend about)

Eczema. Oh yeah, eczema! Numular Eczema to be exact. On my legs and arms. Common during and after pregnancy AND there is no cure, just controlling the best I can.

All that in addition to stretch marks, nausea, sleeplessness. So much fun. And Bonus! PPD. If you don't know what that is, then you didn't get it, and that is great. I did and it wasn't good.

BUT. Look at that picture of my Little M. I'm so blessed. As I read blogs about preemies and reflect on my own experiences I feel more and more like God used my pregnancies and my children to teach me. I've learned to honor Him, thank Him more, praise Him always, pray frequently, love more, be less judgemental, and think before I speak.
How thankful I am! For all of it:)

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