Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Girl & Her Toys

When B-man was little we had two sitting toys for him. A swing that we passed along to Little M and a bouncer that was decked out with lights and rattles and the oh so important 'calming vibrations'. He LOVED that bouncer. He took all his naps in the bouncer and w lugged it everywhere we planned to spend extended time. Little M on the other hand....she is not happy for too long in anything.

Here is our pink Boppy Bouncer that I just had to have, because of course she was going to be just like her brother and love to take naps in it...NOT. But, she does sit in it occasionally, usually while I cook breakfast or fix my hair. But we do not lug it around like we did with B-man's.
Another 'had-to-have' for me! I fell in love with Baby Einstein and their Baby Neptune when B-man was a baby. And now they have a play mat. We love it! She will only take it for up to 10-15 minutes, but that is fine by me. She finally will take some tummy time in this. It has many toys, rattles, lights and other interesting things to look at. However, it's not worth $70.00! This we have been known to take to Great Grandma's house.

This is definitely a winner! She loves it...most of the time. We passed this swing down from B-man's baby days. He only used it twice. The swing sits in the middle of our living room where she takes her morning and afternoon quick naps. It folds up nicely and we can take it anywhere. Little M did go through a 2 week phase of 'I'm not sitting in that again!' So, then we got the Rocking Chair. Do you think she liked it?

This is probably the only happy picture we have of her in THE Rocking Chair. So, the answer is...she liked it for about 10 minutes. My little princess and her demanding ways! I can't wait to see how those demanding ways will evolve. I can picture it now "No, mom I don't like the pink mustang anymore, I want a black one with a leopard personalized license plate" Ha, just kidding, we'll never let her out of the house:) so she won't need a car.

Our most recent addition to the "I don't want to sit in that" family, is, the newly arrived Bumbo straight from a Bumbo dealer. So far,so good (okay, is there any wood to knock on?). She seems to really like it. But UPS just dropped it off yesterday, so, there is still time for her feel disdain towards it. (I love this picture of her playing with her Boots and Scooches)
My house looks like a daycare! Good news is that all the germs on these items are hers! And now, Little M has began sitting in her high chair during meals and while preparing meals. Bonus! New challenge, I can't leave Little M in her high chair while big brother is around, he could decide to give her a kiss and she would be thrown unwillingly to the floor.

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