Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yum Yum

Yummo! After watching Rachel Ray to see Kate Goselin on TV yesterday, I started craving a quiche. She made a great Greek quiche so, I decided to make my own. This picture was taken about 9 o'clock at night, because that is when I finished. Ha! I am not a cook, not a good one anyway. I started this at about 6:30, I got home late from Great Grandma's house today. It turned out really well. In this quiche I put green onion, tomato, bacon, and 2 kinds of cheese (LOVE me some cheese). I baked it for 45 minutes. The hole you see in the middle is from the knife I used to see if it was done. (I got a little aggressive)

Since it was SO late (at least for our family) J and B-man ate while I put my precious baby girl to bed. Looks like he like it! When I returned though this is what I saw....

Hmmm.. An open can of Spaghettio's. Wonder who didn't like the quiche.
None other than B-man.

Poor kid. His dad took pity on him since it was past his bedtime and made him something else because he wasn't lovin' the quiche. (He got lucky! My motto is 'I'm not a short order cook:)
Over all it was super yummy! I'm proud of my cooking efforts. Ha!

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