Saturday, May 30, 2009

Changes are Coming?

Meri Had a Little Lamb, Little Lamb, Little Lamb...

He's almost 4!
Notice the question mark....

Changes may be coming and at this time in my life I am so thankful that HE is in control. So each time I find myself thinking about all I have to do and what I want; I remember that I am His child and He has a plan for me and my family.

I find myself making better choices as I prayerfully seek my life. My human nature still takes me on a detour every once in a while. When I want something and I mean REALLY want something I go after it full force, I'll find myself with guts I never knew I had. Job, husband, kids, SAHM, and now my new endeavor. But this time I pulling the emergency brake and singing "Jesus take the wheel". I can't do this on my own or even with my wonderful husband. For now we ponder: Is this God's vision for us or is it our vision we want God to have?

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  1. Did I miss something? Have you revealed the new endeavor to us already or is it about to be revealed. My interest is peaked. ;o)