Friday, May 22, 2009

What a Fun Night

Meet the cook. This is J, he is a hardworking man, a wonderful husband, and a wonderful dad. He coaches our T-ball league, volunteers at the fire-department, goes to school full time, works full time and occasionally drives an ambulance. Now he has added grill master to his list of accomplishments. Thank you honey for picking up that chore for the summer.
B-man had his first ice cream truck experience today. I had to talk my husband into letting him have ice-cream before dinner. And it was all worth it when he started eating it. He chose a watermelon Jolly Rancher flavored ice-cream.

I can't get enough of my B-man. I get sappy when I think about how much I love my little tornado. He is our miracle baby, born 8 weeks early, 4lbs 5oz, 32days in the NICU. I just have to brag at all he has overcome and accomplished. Just look at how cute he is. I'll make sure I go back to this post when he is driving me CRAZY.
After our hamburgers and fresh corn we all packed up and went to the park. B-man and J played while I walked with Little M. Then we walked around the park together. It was so much fun to watch B-man run through the grass and around the trees. He's not as detrimental to the grass in the park as he is in our house. Ha. After all that fun the kids were tuckered out so we came home and put both of them to bed. Now, after this post, that's where I'm headed! Have a great Memorial Day!

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