Saturday, January 17, 2009

Learning to Blog

Needing something to do on sleepless nights I thought I would give blogging a chance. Never done this before. Being off and having a new baby will allow time to learn this trade. (Hmm. Can I get paid for this?)

We welcomed Meredith Grace to our family on January 4th. She came only 5 weeks early after I nearly didn't go to Labor and Delivery. It all started (being my second child, I should know labor...right?) Saturday. My husband was off and we were enjoying a family day with our 3 1/2 year old Bryston. We cleaned, took Christmas stuff down, and played games. At about 5 oclock on that Saturday the 3rd my back was really beginning to bother me. But I had been piddling around the house all day doing laundry and straightening things. I took the muscle relaxers the doctor prescribed and to no avail the pain in my back strengthened. But I was determined not to let it get in my way. So, I layed down just for a bit while my husband cooked a wonderful taco meal for us. I ate and then told my husband that it was time for me to shower. After my shower I took an ambien (another prescription from my first run in with early labor before Christmas). My husband being the astute person he is said " I don't think I should go to work tomorrow honey, I'll call and have someone cover my 24 hour shift" "No" I said. I'll be fine, I can handle it. Little did I know the pain would continue and by morning work it's way across the front of my abdomen making it nearly impossible to stand, let alone walk. Morning comes and I send Jason to Vian, Ok to work a 24 hour shift driving an ambulance for Pafford. To help me out my wonderful husband arranged for Bryston's Emmy and Papa to come and get him for the day. Once he was off to have fun with his grandparents I called the doctor, as the pain had not subsided.

Thankfully, my doctor, Dr. Laws was the one on call. I told him that I thought I was in labor and I wouldn't mind to just stay home, I wasn't really interested in being in the hospital for five days again. He said that at 35 weeks he didn't want me to labor very much alone. Ultimately the decision was up to me, but he asked that I come in so he can check me and he promised if all was good then he wouldn't keep me there. He asked me to find someone to drive me and come to the hospital. Well, Ididn't have anyone to drive me,

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