Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A month to Share

For Mother's Day I had Little M professionally photographed. At the end of June we are having both kids and single shots of my son! I can't wait!

I've taken on the job of a summer helper at one of my friend's home daycare. Which translates to, my kids get free entertainment, and I get to play with cute little babies! After only one week of working I'm on vacation because the owner is on vacation! Ha! Next week I will work and then I'll be off for another week to volunteer at my church's VBS. I loved VBS as a kid and now I get to share it with my own children.

A baby BOOM has taken place across my Facebook page! It's so great to see people that I grew up with have their own family. At the same time, I'm saddened by friends that were killed at a younger age.

My anxiety/depression is pretty much stable. Most days are good. Even better now that severe weather has subsided. My town was struck with an EF1, that same tornado went on and destroyed another town, Denten, where it had obviously strengthened. My heart goes out to all those that were lost.

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