Monday, November 9, 2009

Killing Time

My excuse for not cleaning something in this very messy house at the moment is just me NOT wanting to wake the sleeping baby currently in her carseat on my be with a blanket over her. Besides, it will just get super messy again anyway and then the cycle will continue. And I can't stop the cycle when it's clean but I can stop it now with laundry strewn about and toys scattered like landmines in my living room. Little M has been up since 4 this morning, which means, I have been up since 4 this morning. After a visit to Dr. Jon we determined that the cause of Little M's internal alarm clock is due to an ear infection. Apparently my sweet babe is allergic to dogs which causes super snottiness which in turn causes an ear infection. I pray she doesn't have to have tubes.
Meanwhile the refresh button on my laptop is wearing out as I try to follow Stellan's ablation. Here I am worried about a little fever and ear infection while Stellan is fighting for his life as doctors map out his delicate one year old heart. But, I tend to take on the worry of everything like Miss May in Secret Life of Bees. And so, I'll sit here, holding this couch down, and continue to pray for Stellan while hitting the refresh button on Twitter waiting to find out the latest info.
We love you Stellan and are praying for you.

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