Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Eggs and other Smiles

Like many families across the US we dyed the traditional Easter Eggs. It was really easy this year because my son is at that age where he does so much of it on his own and DOESN'T create a huge mess.
Little M helped dye some eggs too. She wasn't really patient and didn't let them stay in the dye long. She just reached into the red and picked up that egg, took one look at it and put it in the blue cup. She is a girl who likes her purple.
Simply, wonderfully, dyed by my young God Loving Children.

On another note. Little M has decided that she is the boss! She is dainty and assertive. I took this snap shot right after Little M was attempting to get her brother away from her camera! But she loves him, you can tell.

After a long Friday and Saturday Little M was super duper tired. As I was getting her bath and bed ready, I found her like this. Cell phone and rocking chair while mom draws her bath. That's my girl~

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