Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Trip to NWA

So, as I loaded these pics they came up in the opposite order that I had planned, and since I'm to lazy to redo it, I'll just tell you about our day in rewind:) Today we drove up to Fayettville to visit our friends Melindah and her mommy Lori. At the end of our park visit we decided to check out the creek and Mini (that is what we call Melindah for short) was all about the creek. She dived right in!
Little M on the other hand did not participate. I know, I'm such a mean mom. BUT, she is finally ALL well, just got off of antibiotic, and we had a bit of a drive before we would be home. I just wanted to be on the safe side with her.

B-man had a blast! It took him all of two seconds to fall flat on his hiney in the water. Oh well, he just rode home in the extra shirt I brought for him and no pants. I couldn't deny him an opportunity to play in a real creek. I used to have a great creek in my neighborhood as I was growing up. Until they concreted it, such a sad thing to do.

Getting brother and sister to both look at the camera is no easy task!

About as hard as getting to 15month old girls to smile and be close to each other! >
We had such a great day! Thanks Lori and Melindah! Can't wait to do it again.

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