Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sweet Collin

Yesterday, Emily and Phillip Marsh watched their two year old boy go to be with Jesus. I will never understand the death of a child. My heart is broken for Collin's Parents. This couple goes to my church, I don't know them personally, but I've been praying for them without end since he was diagnosed. His life meant something to me, with his life, I was able to teach my 4 year old boy how to pray for someone else. My son's first prayer for Collin was "God, please let Collin grow up to be big just like me". With all my heart, I have prayed for him to be healed this side of heaven. Collin is in no more pain, he doesn't have to have anymore doctor visits. Because he is with the Great Physician now. For Collin, he has had his day of glory. Now, I'll pray for his parents. Everything will be a reminder of thier Sweet Collin's life. I pray that God will overwhelm them with love, peace, and understanding.
Good Bye Sweet Collin. One day we will see you again.

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