Friday, May 21, 2010

Well, we've been in our home for a month now. Still don't have the guest bathroom all put back together. But I love the new floors and carpet. I just hate how we got them.
I've been working really hard to keep the house clean. Now, the garage, that's another story. I'm leaving that up to my husband.
I've been sleeping so much better after taking my friend's recommendation to try Melotonin supplements. I feel like my enternal clock has been reset and my body now know night from day.
B-man got to meet his new kindergarten teacher. I really like her. I'm excited and nervous for my little boy to start kindergarten in the fall. I find myself wondering if the other kids will be nice to him, will he fit in, will he want to learn more at school than he does here? Although, he finally has let me show him how to write his letters. He is pretty small compared to the other kids. Funny thing, everything that his name was written on was misspelled! Glad we caught it before the first day of school.
Little M has a 'mystery fever' right now. I took her to the pediatrician today. No obvious sign of infection. They did a cath to check for a UTI, thankfully that was negative. She is just running fever, feeling fussy and sluggish and not eating well. She didn't even smile for her daddy today and she ALWAYs has a smile for him. Of course, my obvious fear is some underlying invader that is causing the trouble. So, I'll just keep waking every 3 hours to alternate Tylenol and Motrin, and of course keep a very close eye on her. I have a feeling our weekend will be spent inside.
Also, if you read this, say a little prayer for my brother. He's 16 and in need of spiritual guidance and intervention.

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