Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Can and Can't

Carpal Tunnel

Today I saw a Musculoskeletal Doctor after a two month wait about the pain in my wrist which has been diagnosed officially as CPS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)
The first experience I had with this was during my pregnancy with Little M. I had no idea that CPS was a side effect of pregnancy, but, it was. Nothing and I mean NOTHING can be done about it while one is pregnant, all treatment options aside from wearing splints, are dangerous for baby. How I dealt with it for so long is beyond me! I've decided that I can handle pain OR depression but when coupled together it becomes more than I can or want to bare. I was really surprised that this doctor also has a depression disorder and completely understood. He also understands my need to be lucid with two children therefore limiting medications I can take. So after X-rays and some tests, we determined that CPS is what is going on and (I'm not in any hurry for surgery, although that is the only known cure) he would proceed with Cortisone Shots directly in the wrist leaving me with numb thumbs and fingers (all but the pinkie) for 4 to 6 hours. The shot wasn't bad at all, having a nurse not be able to find a vein is TEN times worse. But, I've had to pay close attention to my hands, as I DO have motor function!, I just can't feel it! So it goes like this; look at hand, have brain tell fingers what to do and watch to make sure that your fingers are indeed cooperating. But in hilarity, here are things I CAN DO, Hard to do, or just CAN'T do.
forgo using hot pad holders when retrieving dinner from the oven (JK)
have relief from an annoying hang nail
have a contest with my son on how hard he can thump without me realizing it!
text using only my pinkie!

unbottoning my pants was out of the question, thank goodness I wore some baggie ones today
take off the over-the-shoulder-bolder-holder
cook a real meal, as the danger of burning is VERY high when your mind is easily shifted for the task at hand (pun intended) with two little ones
writing is NOT an option
Stick your hand down the disposal to retrieve sippy spout plug

Fill my poor thirsty girl's sippy cup (HURRY UP MOM)
getting my daughter out of the car (this is nearly impossible, but I couldn't leave her there!)!
Open the frozen pizza box
Ever tried to change a diaper when you can't feel your hands? Those pesky tabs are so darn small and temperamental!
remove hair clip

I'm sure you can just imagine every other variable with numb hands! Hopefully these shots work, so if you see me around, I'll have a splint on each hand that I have to wear for a week! Because I do not want surgery, I'll take the doctors orders:)

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