Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Not Me" on Tuesday?

Oh yes, that's me, the rule breaker!
First of all, I'm not writing this post on the wrong flippin' day in a week when MckMama isn't even hosting "Not Me Monday" because she is moving, nope, not me!

I did not just turn a dirty bib to the clean side to use for my daughter's supper time because I can't find or didn't do the bib laundry. I would never do something so heinous and disgusting (although it wasn't that dirty, but I didn't do it anyway:)
While dropping clothes off at GKS I did NOT frown and tear up when I saw a woman with a brand spankin' new baby in a sling, moving clothes and boxes all while the poor baby's head was floppin' all over the place. I was not judgemental and didn't want to scream "Pay attention to your baby's head for DARN sakes!"
I also would not occupy my daughter with my son's emergency vehicle toys so that I could put a load of laundry in the washing machine. That's not girlie enough so I wouldn't do it! LOL
In regards to my son's behavior and lack of apparent discipline, I have not resorted to a swat on the bare hiney, only to find out that it works SO well, and think "Why didn't I start this a LONG time ago.
Lastly, I'm not writing this while feeding my daughter and counting down the minutes until bed time. I would never count the minutes until I get a few blissful hours to myself! Maybe bed time will be earlier tonight!

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