Friday, March 4, 2011

Lazy, Crazy, Lovely Dayz

Hipocrit! Ha! I last posted about how it takes 10 positives to make up for 1 negative, and then I realized that I'm using this blog to just complain!!! I'm sure my intentions are pure but who wants to read negativity all the time? Not me! God has truely blessed my life so much that to relish and glorify Him, I need to appreciate the blessings that are right in front of me. And I'm thinking that if I want to have a record of memories, then I should probably RECORD those memories! So, I'm turning this blog around! Hope all 15 of my readers will stick with me!
This past week was 'Read Across America Week'. Each day my son's class got to dress up to celebrate the author Dr. Suess. Here is a picture of Crazy Sock Day. These cute 'socks' are actually a pair of MG's leggies from her newborn days! He loved it! And he also picked out that Hot Wheels shirt and tried to wear it the entire week! Pay no attention to the sloppy house or sloppy hair. B-man is getting his hair cut on Monday and well, my house never stays clean for to long.

Have a Fantastic and Rainy Weekend!!!

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