Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Me and these are going night night."

As a mommy we can't wait to teach our children. We start off by saying things like "Where are your eyes (he points) good boy! Can you find your ears (he points) there they are, very good!" Ever think about the body parts that we skip or forget? On Saturdays and Sundays my son wakes up his daddy. And on his daddy he discovered a similarity to him (chest area). He asked me "Mommy, what are these" I'm thinking 'what should we call these' so I said "honey, those are your nipples" Yes I said nipples. I couldn't think of anything else appropriate to call them. Well, in true boy fashion, he loved this new word. And what do we do with new words? We say them over and over and over. (I've created a monster) Finally, I told him that we couldn't use this word all the time, it's just not appropriate and doesn't sound nice. So, this past Tuesday I had him getting in his jammies while I was feeding his sister. He was standing next to my chair and down to his underwear when he looked at his chest and then gave me the eye (you know the one that says, I'm fixing to do or say something I know I'm not supposed to) and he got the eye right back from me (the one that says 'you know better') so, he changed his mind. While looking at his chest and with a sly grin he instead said "Me and these are going night night" meanwhile in case I didn't understand he was pointing to them. Oh yes, boys are fun. I just tucked my lips between my teeth and turned my head. I could barely contain the laughter building up inside of me. Boys will be boys.

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  1. LOL!! Oh, I have SO much to look forward to! Great story!