Friday, February 13, 2009

My Hero

The Lord works in mysterious ways. From the moment I found out I was pregnant (on my son's birthday) the Almighty has been at work. This pregnancy was in His timing, not my own. That was my first sign that I was in good Hands. After being told I was miscarrying, He again guided me through the terrible week of waiting. On our 2nd visit, our little girl proved that we weren't in control: IN HIS TIMING. She was perfect, her life being meticulously woven into a servant for Him. Dr. Laws was His tool. A carefully mapped out plan was created to safely bring our baby into the world. My pregnancy was filled with NO's. But in the end a Yes. The yes to life, parenthood, and faith. I'm so thankful that God used this man, Dr. Laws, to work in His Plan. Laws is a truly gifted doctor and surgeon.

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  1. What a sweet baby! I'm also a teacher on maternity leave with my little one! : )