Monday, February 23, 2009

Boys and thier TOYS!

Today was an eventful day. After a great night of 5 hours of sleep and our usual morning schedule, I had Bryston safely off to preschool. I came home and sat down to feed this precious baby girl. I was feeling great having had so much sleep that I had a plan to get some house work done. I put baby girl down on the floor for some play time and headed to the laundry room. I hadn't walked 3 feet when my phone rang (ring ring). I look at the caller ID and see it's from Bryston's preschool. (I'm thinking, he didn't have a fever and he hasn't been sick, I just left there 30 minutes ago) "Hello" I said "Raina, Bryston has fallen and busted his eye, I need you to come look at it to see if you think he needs to come to the doctor" said his preschool teacher.
Look closely at these wonderful Legos. Do you see the four perfect circles on the square blocks?

This is what racing to clean up and falling will do. If you look closely you will see a circle on his eyebrow and then one at the corner of his eye. This is after the swelling had gone down and the blood had been cleaned away. Of course our pediatrician had no openings, so, off I go to take him to the doctor at a walk in in RSV season (see first pic). I took him to the doctor because my precious boy has had eye surgery on both eyes and he is very sensitive to light. Thankfully the perfect circle of the block didn't not do a cookie cutter job. It was close. Thank you Jesus for watching over my boy and keeping that block from his eye. Boys and their TOYS!

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