Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Emergency Prayers

Being pregnant for a woman is the best and scariest time in her life. The thrill of getting to hold your bundle of joy, dressing, changing, and watching him grow. For nine months anticipation for that final day builds. Meanwhile, prayers are whispered "Please let my baby be healthy" and each doctor's visit is thrilling and terrifying. "Is everything still okay?" Yes, we believe that God is with us. At the same time we usually know of someone that it didn't go right for, of a baby that didn't make it. But still we press on, we enjoy each kick, and count movements hourly to put our own mind at peace.
Yesterday, for one family in my church, tragedy struck. A woman knows her body, and this momma knew something wasn't right. Upon contacting her midwife and going to the hospital it was determined that this full term pregnancy would result in a baby boy that would not take his first breath. After nine last night she delivered her still born baby boy. Momma and Daddy and grieving heavily. Tonight, Jesus is holding this baby boy. Please Pray for comfort in this family's loss. A loss so great that I for one can not fathom. I'm heartbroken for this family tonight. I'm reminded of how thankful I am for my two children and painfully aware that some parents are coming home without their bundle of joy. Coming home to a place with baby clothes, a nursery, and diapers that won't be needed. As often as this comes to your mind, even though you may not know this couple, pray for peace and comfort for this couple's empty arms.

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  1. I will pray for them and for your health! I hate trials.