Friday, August 13, 2010

Homework Flashbacks

Well, today my son comes home with 3 smiley faces and 1 frowny face. Why? Because during classroom time he wasn't staying in his seat or listening. At an early age I realized my son had an adversion to learning with me. Homeschool would not be an option. So, today he brings home the two pages that he didn't get done during classroom time! 40 minutes for TWO pages. And then I remembered one dreary day sitting at the kitchen table. I was supposed to copy one paragraph from my Arkansas History Book (back when that was considered learning! ha) and I was trying with every ounce of my beng to get out of it. My dad did NOT give in even a little! I ended up finishing the assignment and I don't believe I ever pulled that again. Present day, sitting at the table with my son I kept a quiet but stern voice, said a silent prayer and told myself, if we have to sit here all weekend, he WILL do this homework!!!!! He did....finally. Lots of positive reinforcement "What a great job with your R! I love watching you write" Now, he is playing happily with playdoh, while me daughter uses me as a jungle gym in the midst of my typing. I think she is trying to tell me something!
I wouldn't give this up for anything! Life is precious!

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