Thursday, August 19, 2010


Yes, it's true, my little June Baby started school last week. He is having a great time. I am now on the other side of education. The parent (insert JAWS music here). I have decided that the best compliment a teacher can give a parent is "thank you for working with your child". If you know my little angel you know he is a talker. That coupled with being with mommy instead of preschool can make things a little rough on teacher. This compliment to me means two things. One: she knows I'm on her side and will support her efforts. Two: B-man is getting better with the structure because his teacher and I are working together. His teacher we will call Mrs. D. She is a veteran teacher of 30 years that has NOT lost her edge. She teaches because she wants to, not because she has too. Both wonderful qualities. I really like her, she is kind and firm. He is making friends and learning alot. He is not behind due to lack of preschool. He already knows all he is required to for kindergarten. So, he did pay attention when I was working with him. I had my doubts.
My son and I start out each morning reading his children's Bible, having a devotional, and praying. Something I used to do at night, then sluffed off of, but have recently felt the nudge to pick up again. It makes all the difference.
This is bittersweet, my baby in kindergarten. I can't help but think and pray for those whose children will never make it to this milestone. Being a parent is a wonderful blessing. Children are a gift that God gives and trust us to take gentle care. Say a prayer for parents who have loved and lost. My son and I do every night.

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