Tuesday, August 4, 2009

7 Months Old Already

Where has time gone? She is 7 months old already! What have you been up to this past month Little M?
  • Your rolling over both ways but will do anything to stay off your BELLY!
  • You have been sitting up for about 3 weeks.
  • When you get really excited you squeal and laugh and sometimes topple over.
  • Today you have started lunging for stuff, not just reaching but LUNGING! You 'crawl' on your arms to get what you want which in turn rotates your body so that you belly and legs are on the floor and (insert diving sound effect) land on your nose. Poor baby.
  • Being that you dislike your belly so much, crawling will most likely happen from the sitting position.

  • You are sleeping in your own room and in your own crib and loving it.
  • We figured out after many sleepless nights that when you wake up and see darkness then you cry (loudly) thankfully daddy remembered the projector we got at a shower. With stars, cows, and sheep on your ceiling your a happy camper.
  • You wake up just once and then go right back to sleep after you eat.
  • You have been eating 'real' baby food for 1 month now and are now on 2nd foods.
  • You have finally gotten used to what that baby food does to your tummy.

Smiles and laughter fill our days as we watch you grow. Your daddy and I are sad at how fast this time is going.

  • Mommy finally got some 'girl' time with her best friend this month. You stayed with your daddy and Emmy and apparently fussed every time your eyes were open until I of course came to the rescue. But I have a feeling that you didn't cry the whole time because you love your Emmy and she does anything she can to get smiles out of her grand babies.

  • You are finally warming up to your daddy. Your face lights up when he's in the room and that just melts my heart. Poor daddy, he's putty in your hand and may not even know it.
  • You are so different from your brother. He HATED grass and today you couldn't wait to get your hands on it!
  • You are weighing 16lbs 13 oz and have not been sick one time! (knock on wood)

Sometimes, when I look into your eyes you give me this smile that could save the world. Tears rush to my eyes out of nowhere and at that moment nothing else matters. Little M, we love you more than anything. You and your brother bring us joy everyday. Thank you for coming into our lives, the Lord has truly blessed us. And everything else will fall into place.

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