Saturday, August 29, 2009

I support you....

My husband and I have this saying "I support you in your wants and needs". But how do you support someones wants and needs, when their wants will drive you to live off food stamps. I know its a male thing, but seriously.... After my walmart adventure yesterday where I spent more than I should have and didn't bring home much food, we had to sit down and have a 'talk'. That's not his words or my words, they are just words. I bought two unnecessary items at Walmart. 1) the movie Sandlot 2) a monster truck, HEY, I had to bribe B-man through the trip anyway.
My husband is a HARD worker. I've never met anyone who works harder than he does. He works full time as a Lead Liason Engineer (which means he carries a laptop and iphone so that he can handle issues on the go), on the weekends he drives an ambulance, and he is in school full time with Calculus, Chemistry, and Music Appreciation. He has one degree but he is going for another. I'm trying to support him but I need time to work it out. All the sudden I am a 'single' mother but at the same time I need to have a clean house, his clothes ready, dinner cooked for everyone by 6:30 and did I mention a clean house? I try and I mean really TRY to have things picked up when J gets home, but I live with a little TORNADO! My Tasmanian angel can demolish a room in 6 seconds flat. And this week has been extra hard!!! Remember when I blogged about how Little M always screamed, but then YAY, she can sit and play on her own and she is a happy camper. During the happy camper weeks I got things done and rooms cleaned, and dinner cooked.... NOW, Little M has decided that she's not happy with sitting and she wants to crawl. She's almost there, I'd say about 2 more weeks, but this means she does face plants and screams more. ALSO, she screams when I'm out of the room now. I'M LOSING MY MIND! B-man hasn't been a good listener and is all the sudden aggressive! So, during our talk about HIS (my husband's) wants and OUR needs, and why isn't the house clean and spotless for him. I lovingly said "Take a week off work and YOU figure it out, let me know how to do it, then I will" (but remember your on call that whole week to take care of a baby around the clock when she accidentally gets a hold of bananas) I give this ultimatum with confidence because right now, it CAN'T be done.
Can I just say that neither of us has any idea how hard the other one works!

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  1. That is so very true!! When I was on maternity leave with Connor for 12 weeks, sometimes Justin would come home and wonder why I hadn't gotten anything done that day.....we, too, had to have a 'talk', and I basically said the you did..."ok, YOU do it and tell me why you think nothing got done today! :)"