Friday, August 7, 2009

Noticing a Cycle

Ok, so, most of the time my little brown eyed chunky princess is a pretty good sleeper. She is strictly nursed (no formula) so, we do wake at least one time at night for a snack and then right back to sleep she goes. But ya'll I'm starting to notice a cycle. Maybe 'cycle' isn't the best word to use since it can be referenced to several other things in life so, I'll go with pattern. Yeah, a pattern. She sleeps really good, woo hoo, momma gets some rest and then once my body gets used to that great amount of sleep BAM! No more sleep for you momma because brown eyed chunky princess needs very little sleep and I do mean VERY little. You know what happens when momma doesn't rest? Well, I don't know about your body but mine does not like it! Mommy zombie takes my place and words start to slur. The other night I was sitting in the chair resting my weary head on my hand and I kid you not, my pinky finger startled me.
Alas this shall pass (ha) and she will be back to my good little sleeper. I'm hoping that at some point this pattern will cease and momma zombie will be gone forever. It all started when 'food' was introduced into her diet.
PS. I can't let her cry it out! I did some with my son. But now I just picture myself in a crib with very little function over my body while screaming my head off and NO one is coming. "Will I be by myself forever? No one loves me Waaawwwww" Yeah, not happening in this house. If I do have to let her cry I'm in there every 5 minutes. May explain why I'm so exhausted but I don't care. If she is up at night that is just time for me and her, no noise, no brother over the shoulder. Just me and my baby. My last baby.

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