Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dr. D

Little M had her eye doctor's appointment today in Tulsa. It went great! We love Dr. D, he had a soothing voice and was really easy and gentle with Little M. When we walked into the office it was bright yellow and at the entrance was their sign. The whole office is very kid friendly with animals tucked safely in aquariums, big screen TV's, huge fluffy pillows and the nicest staff! Sometimes you get staff that are grumpy and that was not the case. From the receptionist who took our co-pay all the way to the eye glass shop lady, everyone was so nice. They took the time to explain things to us and help us weigh options.

B-man will love it when we go back in 3 months! This time he and his Papa went and had ice cream and 'Emmy' (what he calls his grandma) and I stayed at the office. My in-laws were so incredible to take the day off and take me to Tulsa. They have been there through the beginning with our children and their eye conditions. I don't know why both of my kids have this condition, but I'm so thankful for family support.
I'm sure a LOT of you have the question of "How do they prescribe glasses to a baby?". Well, here it is. Each slot contains a different lens, and after Little M's eye's were dilated the Ophthalmologist carefully looked in each eye to view the optic nerve and how her eye focuses. This is where the doctor can rule out more serious things like Opticblastoma. After initial screening Dr. D had a pretty good idea of where to start with the lenses you see pictured. In addition to her far-sightedness she also has significant astigmatism which basically means the lens in her eye is bent in the shape of a football. She may grow out of this but for now she has to have glasses. I'm so thankful to be a stay at home mom right now because I will be able to work with her at keeping her glasses on her face.
Little M was so great and happy today. She really loves to be out and about. The only time she got fussy was when 'Point of View' eye glass shop was fitting her frames on her face. I'm hopeful that this was because she was so tired and just wanted to be left alone to sleep because that's what she did when they left her alone. Ha Ha. So, all you prayer worrier moms out there, please pray that I will have the patience to help her with the transition into glasses.

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