Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Mom, wipe my bumm!"

Oh, yes, I hear this at least twice a day and then proceed to wipe another little bumm on a changing table. B-man does wipe is bumm all by himself but in the spirit of efficiency and disdain for raw bottoms, mommy always checks. So, while on a play date today I was tending to my son when I noticed a perfect round circle on his bumm, pinkish in color and raised. Hmm. On his marry way he went and a little later a few more pinkish circle friends appeared. Then a few more and more and more. I'm talking Daddy sizes and baby sizes of little pinkish circles on face, back, bumm (as previously mentioned), arms, tummy (really bad on tummy) and legs. Just a few though, very mild. My mind is on auto pilot thinking of all the things he ate 'turkey dog, apple, banana, fruit snack, milk....' all things he's had before. We decided it must be something in the house, but what? we have been there before. Hmm. Then it clicks! Six days ago he received a MMR vaccination (just three years off schedule) DING DING DING. So, we called the doc and meanwhile more circles are popping up. As we left and went to my mother in laws the dr's office called. We determined it was a reaction and discussed next steps to watch for that are normal or danger signs. By the time I got to MIL's his rash had doubled. His bumm was now completely covered! And he was running a low grade fever. So much fun!
In short, we took him the to doctor to be safe and now he is in a deep sleep induced by benedryl. Our new little pinkish circle of friends will last up to TEN days. Oh yes, that will be fun to explain while we are out and about.

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