Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This past year I must have been good because in my Christmas Stocking I had some yummy chocolate. I've never been much of a chocolate eater, at least not chocolate in solid form. But I pretty much became addicted. And even though this chocolate along with Ghiradelli and Bliss are insanely expensive considering it is just chocolate, I have stayed stocked up. As I write this the bowl of chocolate in my pantry is calling my name. I can almost feel the sweet morsel melt in my mouth. But then came Lent. I've never participated in this event before. I'm intrigued by the it's meaning. The first thing my husband said is "Your not Catholic". Jesus didn't spend those forty days and give up His life just for Catholics. I am one of His children. And with all He gave up for me, I can surely give up something for him. So, I chose chocolate. So long to you sweet Bliss, Ghiradelli, and Dove. I'll see you much later. But for now, in replacement, I'll keep my thoughts on Him. Because every time I want that sweet melting experience, I will spend time in prayer. Although, with 2 kids it may not be silent prayer but I will be spending time in prayer, time in the Word, and time reflecting on my thoughts and actions. I'm excited about this journey.

On a side note. I have recently committed to helping a wonderful friend build her home daycare business (she used to keep my son) and I will be working for her 4 days a week. Little M and B-man are excited. They get to learn and socialize with other kids while I'm there with them, not missing a minute. I'm a little nervous about the inevitable illnesses. Although, when my son attended her daycare he was rarely sick. She is VERY clean and enforces the '24 hour rule' at her daycare.
With that, my husband is currently sick. He is suffering from an ear infection, bronchitis, and a throat infection. They are watching him for the possibility of pneumonia. So, the lease of my problem is the daycare! Ha! Please pray for my wonderful husband. He is an extremely hard worker and rarely stops. Between a part time job driving an ambulance, a full time job as an Engineer, and a volunteer firefighter, he really doesn't have the time to get well. Because, he's just not the kind of person to call in. Pray for Him.

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