Monday, September 13, 2010

Advice Costs Less

Worth Much More
This article I found hanging on my dad and step-mom's refridgerator! My step-mom has a way of always finding great things, be it; books, movies, clothes, funiture!
I can only take credit for enjoying this article and paraphrasing, it was written by Sharon Randall in the Southwest Times Record.

"Tips for How to Stay Married"
1. Listen to each other. Seek first to understand before trying to be understood. When you are wrong, say you are sorry. When you are right... SHUT UP!
2. Don't tie a half-hitch knot. Plan to stay married forever.
3. Never go to sleep angry. Keep talking until you get over it or forget why you were mad.
4. Laugh together. If you can laugh at yourself, it'll be easy.
5. Never embarrass, criticize or correct on another in public; try not to do it in private, either.
6. Don't expect perfection. It doesn't exist. If it did, it would bore you spitless.
7. Remember one of life's ironies: We are least lovable when we need love most.
8. On days when you don't like each other, try to remember that you love each other. Pray for the 'good' days to come again, then act as if they already have.
9. Tell the truth, only the truth, and always with great kindness.
10. Kiss for at least ten seconds everyday without fail; do it all at once or spread it out.
11. Examine your relationship often. Know it's vulnerabilities. Keep it moving in the direction you both want to go.
12. Be content with what you have materially, honest about where you are emotionally and never stop growing spiritually.
13. To love someone is to wish them the best; always wish each other nothing but the very best.
14. Never yell unless the house is on fire. Speak softly when you argue. Whisper when you fight. Keep it fair and show some class. Hurtful words can be forgiven, but they can never be taken back.
15. Be best friends, as well as lovers. In a blackout, share the flashlight. Then turn it off and make your own electricity.
16. Show by your actions as well as your words that the person you married comes first in your life. Let nothing and no one come between you.
17. Remember that your in love. Kiss in elevators. Hold hands in movies. Lock eyes in a crowded room. Say "your beautiful, and I love you." Then say it again.
18. Never miss a birthday or anniversary or a moment to make a memory. Memories may not seem important now, but one day you will treasure them.
19. Take care of business. Pay your bills. Mow the grass. And call your mother.
20. Open your home and your hearts to angels unaware. Teach Sunday School. Coach Little League. Feed the homeless. Talk to strangers. Make something beautiful of your life together.

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