Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Had Another Good Day

I'm beginning to take my days as they come and not 'worry' about what is to come. Bills may not get paid (they do, eventually) but I can't worry about that. I have to get sane again. I may be living at my in-laws or my Grandma's when all is said and done, but hey, I'll have my family. J is awesome, loving, supportive, and completely busy all the time. A fishing extravaganza is coming soon for him and I'm so thrilled that he will get sometime to himself. He truly deserves it.
Today was a good day. I forgot to take my prozac this morning and was able to take a nap for a bit today. I haven't slept in weeks!!!! I've been shaky, so shaky, and I feel like I've got pop rocks jumping around in me. At any moment I'm going to take off on a marathon. But then that would reap havoc on my figure (think about.... now laugh with me. Ha Ha) So, now I'm wondering if prozac is the best for me. The last time I tried stopping it I had several meltdowns.
I think today was great because it started with a trip to Hobby Lobby, I love looking in there, even if I can't buy anything. Then had a play date at a local neighborhood park with Mops Moms and their kiddos. After I picked up B-man and got the great news that he had all Happy Faces. What are Happy Faces? That is how B-man's school rates behavior in each section of his day Classroom Behavior, Lunchroom Behavior, Recess Behavior, and Nap time Behavior. So we headed to Learning Oasis (had a gift certificate) then we got ice cream because B-man was also able to finish all his work without missing more than two. He missed one because he colored his "PURPLE" page RED! I think that was just a boy thing.
Hope you had a great day as well!

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