Thursday, July 9, 2009

39 Minutes

Nap time was spent in our crib (not home, actual crib) as 'practice'. Practice for night time. Her nap only lasted 39 minutes! When she woke up and realized where she was at, well, nap time was over. Against all the reservations on my con's list, I went ahead and decided to have her sleep in her crib. This decision was made after a very rough night that led us to the doctor today. She wouldn't go back to sleep after her feedings. (several nights running) This drastic change from sleeping all night and only waking once for a quick feeding to waking every 2 hours and NOT going back to sleep had me concerned. Then she started rubbing and pulling on her right ear, that had me wondering if maybe there was something going on. I called the doc, told them about the change and they agreed that she needed to be seen. Well, my little 17 lb girl got a clean bill of health, now I don't feel so bad about letting her cry a little bit. So, as I blog she is asleep in her crib.
She was SO tired from many sleepless nights and the fussing at nap time that she passed out on me at about 6 o'clock. I maneuvered my camera with my foot and then reached so I could catch this picture. (gotta love the Santa pants) She didn't move an inch, my girl was pooped!
For now, Little M sleeps. I really want her to sleep peacefully and unstressed so that she can wake up a happy baby in the morning. As I always tell my son "growing only happens when your sleeping, so, I just want to hear your growing body".
Sweet Dreams

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