Saturday, July 4, 2009

Your 6 Months Old!

Oh My, I just Might Cry While Writing of the Months Gone By!
Little M, you are 6 months old! What have you been up to?
  • You only sleep through the night every once in a while and have recently taken to talking while in your bassinet. (When we move she will be going to her own room)
  • You have just started your second cereal, oatmeal! You enjoy your cereal twice a day.
  • Your first 'food' was yesterday and it was organic bananas; You hated it! But you decided to enjoy it just tonight after I mixed it with your oatmeal. I'm hoping to repeat this in the future.
  • You really enjoy being held by your momma! Daddy understands why momma doesn't have a sparkling house when he gets home, because he knows what happens when you get put down.
  • You are the most happy when you are being talked to by anyone, especially your brother.
  • You love LOVE being out and about especially shopping at the mall, Target, and Walmart!
  • We are not sure how much you weigh because your doctor's appointment got rescheduled by the doctor's office, we will find out at the beginning of August.
  • You are rolling over now from your tummy to your back, but only when I'm not looking. Ha!
  • You have been going to the church nursery for two weeks now! It's great knowing that your happy with my friends that love you and like to see you smile.
  • When the camera is on, your smile is off, but the second I put the camera down you grin at me. Awnry little girl:) That's why all your photos you have this 'vogue' look plastered on. Hmm, future model maybe?

Little M is amazing every single day, even when she is screaming! My mom says I was the exact same way and I'm paying for my raisin'! I am and was a really good kid, I made good and bad choices. Thankfully my bad choices were short term and my good choices were long term! My parents really lucked out! Ha Ha.

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