Monday, July 6, 2009



I can't believe this is happening! Honestly! How did my baby girl get to be 6 months old? At about 5 months old we started cereal. Woo Hoo~ Rewind a month, we tried it then too. She hated it! Back to the present, well, she's still not crazy about it. Ha! (so many exclamation points!!!) Anyway, we stuck with it and now we've moved to the oatmeal, because I'm a Gerber mom I walk through each step as recommended. I also think babies should come with a handbook, but since they don't, I have chosen my own handbook that I purchased before our son was born and still use today, the updated version of course. My handy dandy handbook doesn't recommend the Gerber way per say, but it's close, so, that's how I do it. And of course I use more experienced moms like my Sis and BFF.
Well, it wasn't my plan to use any juice until much later, but, my daughter's tummy has a different plan. After church Sunday, Little M and I were playing when she decided it was time to well, do her business. But what a horrid surprise to my baby girl when it has much different than all her other BMs. My son had horrible constipation but this was nothing like that, it was just different for her and wasn't very comfortable. I won't go into all the details but I ended up calling our pediatrician's office for some advice. Of course we were transferred to the Children's Hospital Help Line. When we got the call back Little M's problem had passed and been trashed. I described to the ACH nurse what happened and the she told me I could give her 6 ounces of pear or apple juice, something else (I stopped listening after the juice thing when I realized she was reading from a manual), and then I could also use a suppository as a last resort. Click, now to someone that knows what they are doing, ring ring! Ahh, the familiar voice of my BFF! So, I decided after listening to her wisdom and going with what I already know that I would give her 1 oz of water (nursery water) and 1 oz of juice.

So far, so good! No anaphylactic shock or any other allergic reaction. Little M gave me this look of horror like I was trying to poison her with this foreign liquid when I first gave it to her. Now, though, she likes it, sort of...

Little M has also been introduced to bananas (didn't really like) and today sweet potatos (didn't really like). Are you seeing a parenthasy trend? Hopefully she will decide she likes it after the end of her 3 day introduction period. Ladies and Gentleman...WE HAVE A PICKY EATER ON OUR HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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