Friday, July 3, 2009

Where oh where could my camera be?

My camera is still missing. I have no idea why it sprouted legs and ran off. I don't feel like I've been abusing it and doesn't it realize how blessed it is for getting to take pictures of 2 wonderful children everyday. I thought about doing a missing poster complete with picture and reward but, well, how do you take a picture of your camera with your camera? I'm now in a bit of a panic. Little M is turning the big 6 tomorrow (months that is) and she has the most adorable 4th of July dress and I really want to take a picture of that. It was last seen in the living room of our home and was taking pictures of my kiddos together. This is going to sound really bad, but I offered my son one dollar if he could find our missing camera. I was thinking that maybe, just maybe he took it and decided to hide it (not my little angel:) such luck! Tomorrow I'm headed to my in-law's in a last ditch effort to find it, because I do believe we were getting ready to leave for their house when I last had it. I have yet to petition our Heavenly Father for such a request like, "Lord, please help me find my camera so I can have the memory of my Little M's 6 month birthday". But I am almost there. So, for all of you 7 people that may or may not read this, if you find my camera let me know or better yet, if you have the extra cash and just want to bless us with a new point and shoot camera, well, I'll accept that too!
Happy 4th!

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