Friday, July 10, 2009

It's that time of summer

Woo Hoo! My favorite summer show is back! I love this crazy show for some reason. I've always thought that this show was like high school all over again, and well, that's just part of the twist. You've got the athletes, popular, brains, and the outcast. (they call it something else but not so sure what) Bonus: one casts member or contestant got to come back from a previous season. Guess who? Non other than Jesse. Let me tell you, I didn't like him the first time around and he's back plus 20lbs of muscle more. PLEASE, someone vote him off or back door the infamous Jesse.
I'm not sure who I'm going for yet, but I'm loving the teacher for obvious reason and not because I have a crush on someone 12 years my senior. I also like the lab girl Michelle. Who do you think will win? Or who do you like?

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