Thursday, June 25, 2009

And so, I'm trying to focus on the good....

And so, I'm trying to focus on the good and what's better than a late picture of your wonderful family from Father's Day? If you have yet to hear (and I'm sure you have heard because I'm just vocal like that) I walked out to my car this morning to find this...
My first thought is that my husband was in a hurry this morning and attempted to look for something. So, I call him up and I'm like "Honey, what were you looking for this morning?" he says "What do you mean?" and I'm all (you like that? teenage talk, just something different, and I'm in that kind of mood) "Well, you were apparently looking for something, my car is torn apart" (insert teenage hair flip and eye rolling because I was completey oblivious). Silence.... Then he preceeds to tell me that his car door was open this morning but didn't think anything of it because he sometimes doesn't shut it hard enough (he is really easy on the doors and fusses at me when I slam. Are you tired of this () yet?) What was missing you ask? Well, as far as I can tell because I have not had a chance to take an inventory of my car yet, it's just....wait for son's piggy bank money :( He was going to get to take it to the bank today. If your heart just sunk. then. you feel the same way I did. Here I was trying to plan ahead and it bit me in the butt. So, I'm trying to focus on the good, maybe that person really needed money for food or something. That's my only conclusion because they were not interested in anything else in my car. Maybe the empty Sonic cups detered them. How did they get in? My husband in his extremely busy mind just forgot to lock the doors. All the theif needed was to open the door.
oh yes, my morning continued to get more interesting. Off to a play date with Jessica and her sweet and GORGEOUS daughter Aubree. A great time was had by all, kids sitting on the floor excited about singing and listening to the Librarian read some great stories about the ocean. We were enjoying some loud yet creative play when some kid (Uh hum, my son) hit the door with that says "Emergency Exit Only" and let me tell you, that buzzer is not kidding when it goes off. If you want kids to be silent then touch that door, if your ears can handle the buzzer. I nearly toppled over because all the blood in my body reached my face in a matter of seconds. Time to go>>>>>>>
Needless to say, I packed up as quickly as I could and we left. My understanding friends in tow. As we were headed out, my helpful son was opening the door for me and as he was going out, an OLD (not that I'm against old) man was coming in and he got his hand somehow knocked. This old man was more dramatic than a teenage girl. He grabbed his hand and said "ohh, ow, ugh" I politely apologized and in return I got this "CONTROL YOUR HEATHEN" look. Are you kidding me? He was just opening the flippin door!
I told my friend that I should just go home, but, I didn't.
And I'm glad I didn't. We enjoyed playtime and lunch at the mall. I got to catch up with a long lost friend and meet her wonderful daughter and her husband stopped by too. After a long day, I am now enjoying some quiet time while me kids do this......

Bonus! My fortune cookies said "Your present plans will all work out." One can only hope/pray:)
Have a great day and focus on the good!

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