Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just ONE wedge please

Okay, I'm not a picky eater but I am a picky drinker. I prefer Dr. Pepper over Mr. Pibb (what girl wouldn't choose a Dr. over an regular Mr. Ha!) 7-up over Sprite and my water HAS to have a lemon if it's on ice. So, last night J was going to Sonic and so graciously asked if he could get me anything. I know he regretted this the second it came out of his mouth because like I said, I'm a picky drinker. My request was simple "Yes, I would like ice water with ONE lemon wedge, no lemon juice and not the whole lemon, just ONE wedge" My wonderful husband just rolled his eyes but he promised to request my water with just ONE wedge. At first sip "WOOOOOW!". He said "I ordered the way you told me" After he took a sip of my over lemoned water his suggestion was to add some sugar and I would have lemonade.
So, when life hands you lemons, save them for later! Ha! I pulled all of these wedges from my Sonic cup! One WEDGE my foot! After I emptied all the water and wedges from my wonderful Sonic cup I refilled it with some of my own purified (Roland's water is NOT drinkable) water and it was still strong. It was late when he went to get our drinks, so my guess is that Sonic just needed to get rid of some lemons.

And today the lemons carry over. Yum, A nice ICE water with just ONE wedge!
What's your favorite drink?

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