Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fun in the Sun

My Little M has been a bit fussy in the afternoon. I know this is for a couple of reasons. See the drool? I think she is trying to teethe. And she is an on-the-go kind of girl. She is such a happy baby when we are out shopping, library, on a walk, and anything else. She just doesn't like being in one place to long (unless she is asleep). So, off for a walk while daddy was cleaning (it's much easier to clean when the Little Tornado isn't present). B-man rode his bike next to the stroller while we walked around the neighborhood. When we got back we decided to break out this slip and slide that he got for his birthday.
Do you see the bubbles? We don't do anything half way when it comes to slip and slides, we doused it with soap. SO much fun!

The water felt so cold to me but it didn't seem to bother B-man at all.

A great end to a great day! Thanks M-ma and Papa for the fun slip and slide.!

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  1. Your little baby girl is not so little anymore! Raina, she is really growing up! She looks so mature! I would love to see her soon. We need to run into each other!