Saturday, June 27, 2009

What are doing?

amedjrfswb (pay no attention to those letters, it's for a blog confirmation)
In our house we start potty training way early! Haven't you heard of infant potty training? It's all the rage! (Ha!) Just kidding! What are you doing Little M?
Lately, Little M has been very specific about where she does her business (BM). A little background on our girl, she only does her 'business' every 5 days or so. I know, I know, it's quite a bit of a change from a little boy that used to be hugely, massively constipated if he didn't go every day just 3 short years ago. But Little M is strictly nursed and so, according to the doc, she uses every bit of nutrients that she gets from me. Isn't that great! HEY, I save a lot on diapers! Big change from when we brought her home and she was going every 3 hours or more.
As my little girl began fussing more and more throughout the day, I knew (because a mother always knows) that it was time to get her home. And here she is focusing very hard, doing her business. Funny girl! Maybe this means she will be easy to potty train. One can only hope because so far she is much she is proving to be much more challenging than her brother. Gotta love girls!

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