Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Thank You Mom"

After a long and scorching day we came home to rest and pick up. B-man (aka my little tornado) was building a train track on the floor of his bedroom, Little M was creating a surprise for me in the comfort of her crib, and I was busy cleaning the living room when B comes in and says "Thank You so much for cleaning the living room mom, your doing a really great job" then he gave me a big hug. Such a sweet boy. This compliment got my guilty conscious thinking 'What does he really mean?'. he could mean one of two things.
a) "this living room was really mess, it's about time you pick it up, I can barely walk to the kitchen!"
b) he is finally picking up of all my efforts to stay collected and use positive affiirmation when I walk into one of his demolitian zones and ask him to clean it up.

My answer? B
Even though the living room really was a mess (thanks honey for leaving your stuff everywhere, HA), I'm confident that B-man is stepping out of his "I'm the center of the universe" personality and beginning to think of others. He's such a great boy and I'm so proud him. I look so forward to watching him grow up. 'Teach him in the way he should go and he will not stray from it'

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