Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Birthday B-Man

Just 4 short years ago my little B-man was born. (Yes, I'm going to reminisce for a moment). He was born 8 weeks early weighing a whopping 4lbs 5oz. He stayed in the NICU for over a month but was quite strong for the most part. We had ups and downs and I remember thinking I would never get my baby home. When your in that situation your vision for the future is clouded and closed in by hospital walls. Then (after flunking the carseat test several times) we got the okay to bring our baby home. If your nervous to bring your baby home for the first time, just picture doing it and having to drive 3 1/2 hours to get home in the VERY stormy summer weather. But we made it and July 7th we had our first night at home. I couldn't wait for him to grow to the point that I didn't have to worry about him breathing all night or getting smothered by a blanket or something. HA! (and YES, I'm the paranoid type) Now, back to the present.
B-man got a bicycle and helmet for his 4th Birthday present. He loved it! We had it set up in the living room so that when he woke up it would be the first thing he saw. He asked me "Mom, who brought this to me?". I'm sure he was thinking Santa, Easter Bunny.... LOL
But in just a short time we were dressed and heading out the door for a fun day as a family in Tulsa.

First stop, the Aquarium. This alligator is sitting out in the front and at first he was quite afraid. But I went right up to him and gave that alligator a hug (thankfully no camera was around. Ha). Then it was all okay *smile*
We had to sit down for a rest and what better place to do it than right next to some beautiful fish. Can you see the wet spot? There were tons of tanks where you could touch and feel different sea life.

B-man may have been afraid of the bronze alligator but NOT the Sting Rays and Sand Sharks.
We had such a great day! After the Aquarium we headed to Joe's Crab Shack where B-man rode a stick horse and adorned a straw hat while listening to the staff sing him Happy Birthday. After getting super mess and spilling his Emmy's coke on his little sister, we had to buy him a new shirt. The shirt read "I'm crabby like my daddy" Ha!
It was also Little M's birthday (5 months) so we headed to a boutique called 'Kathleen's Kids'. And no trip to Tulsa is complete without a stroll through the mall. At the mall we made a bear for Little M. I'll have pictures of this in my next post "Your 5 Months".
On the way home I was sure that the kiddos were so tired and they would surely sleep all the way home...right? NO. Both of my precious children stayed wide awake and talked all the way home. B-man did pass out...FINALLY...with just 5 miles to home! Ha Ha. Then of course they were so tired they both went right to sleep as soon as we stepped in the door, right? NO. It took a while to wind down. But today they both slept a lot! Thank You Jesus for my wonderful family! Life can't get much better.

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